Waste Concentration Facility Transfer Lines Removed

July 2009

Waste Concentration Facility Transfer Lines Removed

Excavation of the Waste Concentration Facility waste transfer lines


Underground radioactive waste transfer pipes, also known as the A-, B-, and D-waste lines, transferred radioactive liquid wastes from Building 801, the Hot Laboratory Building, the Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor, and the High Flux Beam Reactor, to storage tanks at Building 811, the Waste Concentration Facility.

A concrete culvert was used as a secondary containment for the pipes. The culvert was covered with a half-section of three-inch diameter galvanized steel drainage pipe. The enclosure was buried between two and a half feet to ten feet below grade. A 10-inch terra cotta ventilation pipe, the non-acid off-gas pipe, was buried to the east of the concrete culvert. It was used to ventilate the six underground A & B tanks in the Building 811 yard. (The six USTs were removed in 2005.)

Description of Remedial Action

In 2009, the waste transfer lines and associated contaminated soil was removed and shipped off-site for disposal. The lines removed included the A/B underground radioactive liquid waste lines from Building 811 to Building 801, the original D-waste line, the 10-inch non-acid off-gas pipe, the steam line (asbestos insulation was abated), and the 1 inch stainless steel pipe and 4-inch PVC clamshell pipe. The 800-foot long concrete culvert and half-section galvanized steel drainage pipe were also removed. Soils below the pipes and the culvert were characterized and any contaminated soil was removed.

The underground pipelines are identified as Area of Concern 10B (AOC 10B) and the plan for their removal was documented in the High Flux Beam Reactor Record of Decision (April 2009).

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HFBR Record of Decision