Contaminated Equipment Removed

September 2003

Radiologically contaminated equipment was removed that was not included under the CERCLA cleanup. The Waste Concentration Facility, Building 830, evaporators and the Reclamation Facility, Building 650, bag house and hoppers were dismantled and disposed of off-site.

The Bldg. 811 evaporators underwent D&D procedures in August 2003, which was an acceleration of the planned completion date of May 2005. The evaporator had been retired from service and removal was required to stabilize and clean out the building. It was surveyed and characterized, then dismantled, size-reduced, packaged and shipped to Envirocare, Utah for disposal.

Building 650, where radiologically contaminated clothing and equipment was decontaminated, was designed to perform wash operations both inside and outside the building and to perform shot blast decontamination operations. Air flow from these activities was processed through the filters in the bag house. Due to the decontamination of contaminated lead, the bag house residuals were contaminated with radioactivity and lead. The larger and denser residuals from decontamination operations were generally trapped in the Bldg. 650 sump (which was excavated in 2002), while the lighter particles were carried by the ventilation system to the bag house. The air flowed through primary bag filters, secondary filters, and finally a HEPA filtration system. Accumulations of particles in the bag filters were trapped in the bag house hoppers. Work to dismantle the bag house and hoppers began in March 2004. Work was halted when asbestos was discovered in June 2004. After a delay, work was completed in September 2005.