Actions Undertaken to Prepare HFBR for Decommissioning


Since the High Flux Beam Reactor was shutdown in 1997 and permanently closed in 1999, many actions were taken to prepare for permanent decontamination and dismantling. The actions undertaken ensured that it remained in a safe and stable condition and prepared it for long-term surveillance and maintenance and decommissioning.

The actions undertaken to stabilize and secure the HFBR included removing contaminated structures, hazardous materials, and radioactively contaminated equipment and components to deactivate and stabilize the facility. Between 2000 and 2005, shielding blocks and chemicals were removed and were reused at BNL and other facilities. More than 10,900 gallons of tritiated heavy water, the primary coolant for the reactor, was removed in 2001. In 2006, the Cooling Tower Basin, the Guard House, the Pump/Switchgear House, the Water Treatment House, and the Stack Monitoring Facility were dismantled and removed.