Operable Unit II/VII

February 1999


Operable Unit II/VII covered contaminated soils located near the center of the Laboratory. The areas covered were at the Waste Concentration Facility, Building 811 (AOC 10), the aerial radiation survey locations (also known as the Landscape soils AOC 16), the former Low Mass Criticality Facility (AOC 17), and the storage yards for the AGS (AOC 18).

A Remedial Investigation (RI) Report that documented the nature and extent of the contamination was completed and released for public comment in February 1999. A comment period was held from February 19 to March 20, 1999 and two information sessions were held to solicit comments on the Report.

No Record of Decision was prepared for OU II/VII. The Areas of Concern (AOCs) identified in OU II/VII were consolidated with those of Operable Unit I and were addressed by the OU I Feasibility Study and Proposed Remedial Action Plan. The remedies for the areas were documented in the OU I Record of Decision and took place as follows:

  • The Landscape soils were excavated in 2000 and the soil was sent off-site for disposal.
  • The soils at the Waste Concentration Facility were removed in 2005 following the removal of six underground storage tanks.
  • The soils in the two remaining areas were examined and no contamination levels there were of concern to human health or the environment were found and no cleanup was required.

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Remedial Investigation Notice

OU I Record of Decision