BGRR Bioshield Removal Completed

May 2012

BGRR Bioshield Removal Completed

Bldg. 701 following removal of the BGRR bioshield.

Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, the Lab began decommissioning the BGRR in 1997 after a facility review discovered water in a pipe connected to its below-ground air ducts. Immediate actions were taken to address the problem.

In the years that followed, significant cleanup actions were completed including projects such as the removal of the cooling fans and pile fan sump, the dismantling of the above-ground air ducts, and the demolition of the Water Treatment House, Instrument House, and the lower canal.

Innovative technologies such as the BROKK manipulator minimized worker exposure to radiation and allowed for the safe completion of many challenging removal projects.

In March 2005, after all the characterization studies were completed and the community was provided opportunities for input, the BGRR Record of Decision was signed. The graphite pile was successfully dismantled in 2010 and the Fan Houses were demolished. Removal of the thermo- and bio-shield was completed in 2012. In all the U.S. Department of Energy invested nearly $74.6M to complete the project.