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Camp Upton


Upton National Forest


Civilian Conservation Corps at Upton

May 1934

Camp Upton Reactivated for World War II


Atomic Energy Act of 1946


Founding of Brookhaven National Laboratory

March 1947

Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor Began Operation

August 1950

Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor Began Operation

March 1959

First "Site Environmental Report" Released

May 1963

High Flux Beam Reactor Began Operation

October 1965

BNL Upgrades Sewage Treatment Plant


Low-Mass Criticality Facility Decommissioned


Use of Reclamation Facility Concrete Decontamination Pad Halted


National Environmental Policy Act


BGRR Deactivated

September 1969

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1970


Environmental Protection Agency Established

April 1970

BNL Lands Transferred to New York State

November 1971

Clean Water Act Amendments


Endangered Species Act


Safe Drinking Water Act


Energy Reorganization Act

January 1974

BNL Complies with NPDES

January 1974

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act


Toxic Substances Control Act


1977 Oil / Solvent Spills

November 1977

Sole Source Aquifer Designation Granted

June 1978

Congress Passes Superfund Act


BNL Placed On Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site List


Aerial Radioactive Surveys Performed


Long Island Landfill Law Enacted


Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Amended


Spray Aeration System to Treat HWMF Groundwater


Suffolk County Task Force Formed


Contamination Found at Old Firehouse


Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Amended


Nuclear Waste Management Facilty Pipe Leaks


Potential Dump Site Inventory

June 1986

Environmental Survey Conducted

April 1987

Environmental Program Audit

August 1987

BNL to Comply With SC Sanitary Codes

September 1987

Three-Year Underground Storage Tank Upgrade Program


Environmental Management Plan Submitted to DOE


Suffolk County Inspects Facilities

January 1988

Bubble Chamber Spill Area

July 1989

BNL Placed On Superfund List

November 1989

Former Leaching Pit Cleanup

November 1989

Interagency Agreement Negotiated


Environmental Restoration Group Created


Tiger Team Assessment

March 1990

550-gallon Gasoline Tank Discovered

May 1990

Federal Facility Compliance Act Adopted

October 1990

Pollution Prevention Act Leads to P2 Program

November 1990

Ethylene Dibromide Found in Groundwater


Trichloroethylene Spill Discovered


Contaminated Soil Found

January 1992

Superfund Interagency Agreement Signed

February 1992

Sewage Treatment Plant Multi-phased Project Begins

January 1993

Mercury Discovered in Storm Drain

May 1993

BNL Historical Site Review Is Completed

July 1993

Underground Storage Tank Removed

October 1993

Area Adjacent to Building 526


Reclamation Facility Underground Storage Tanks Removed


Low Mass Criticality Facility Dismantled


Central Steam Facility Soil Excavated


Sitewide Biological Inventory Conducted

December 1994

Sludge Removed From Imhoff Tanks


"D" Tanks Removal Completed


Remedial Investigations Begin at Sewage Treatment Plant


AGS Storage Yards


Nuclear Waste Management Facility Tanks Pumped Out


Cesspool Closure Program Begins

July 1995

Current Landfill Capped

November 1995

Safe Drinking Water Act Amended


Former Landfill Capped


Groundwater Contamination Found In Process Wells


First Edition of BNL Newsletter Published


Central Steam Facility Soils Removed


Public Water Hookups Offered

January 1996

Community Forms Work Group

January 1996

Operable Unit IV Record of Decision

March 1996

BNL Creates Environmental Protection Office

May 1996

In-situ Vitrification Tested at Chemical Pits

June 1996

Public Water Hookups Extended to Manorville

September 1996

OU I South Boundary GW Treatment System Begins Operation

December 1996

BNL Finds Tritium in Groundwater South of HFBR

January 1997

Trichloroethane Found in Sanitary Lines

April 1997

Integrated Safety Management Evaluation Completed

April 1997

Ad Hoc Committee Report Released

April 1997

Site-wide Facilities Review Begins

April 1997

DOE Terminates Contract With AUI

May 1997

EPA Compliance Audit Begins

May 1997

HFBR Pump-and-Treat System Begins Operating

May 1997

Removal of HFBR Spent Fuel Elements

May 1997

Excavation of Chemical Pits Begins

June 1997

OU III South Boundary GW Treatment System Begins Operating

June 1997

DOE's Brookhaven Executive Roundtable Meets

August 1997

Interim Report for Facilities Review Findings Released

September 1997

Nuclear Waste Management Facility Canal Drained

October 1997

Capping of Interim Landfill Completed

October 1997

ATSDR Public Health Consultation on BNL Released

October 1997

OU IV Air Sparging/Soil Vapor Treatment System Constructed

November 1997

BNL Considers Forming Site-Specific Advisory Board

November 1997

Environmental Impact Statement To Be Prepared for HFBR

November 1997

HFBR Spent Fuel Pool Pumped Out

December 1997

New Waste Management Facility Opens

December 1997

Removal of Contaminated Water in BGRR Ducts

December 1997

BSA Assumes Full Responsibility for BNL

March 1998

Agreement Sets Stage for Environmental Management Reforms

March 1998

First Off-site Groundwater Cleanup System Announced

March 1998

BNL's Community Advisory Council Formed

September 1998

Soil Contamination Found At Paint Shop

September 1998

BNL Adopts New Environmental Management System

December 1998

Tritium Detected Downgradient of BLIP

December 1998

Upgrades Made to HFBR Systems


LINAC Beam Dump


Sludge Removed From WCF Underground Storage Tanks


Operable Unit II/VII

February 1999

Community Oversight Committee Formed By Suffolk County

March 1999

EPA Awards Technical Assistance Grant

May 1999

Industrial Park GW Treatment System Begins Operating

September 1999

Operable Unit I Record of Decision

September 1999

Information Sessions Held on Peconic River Contamination

October 1999

Carbon Tet GW Treatment System Begins Operating

October 1999

DOE Permanently Closes Reactor

November 1999

Tritium Discovered in GW Downgradient of g-2 Experiment

November 1999

BGRR Cooling Fans Removed

November 1999

Actions Undertaken to Prepare HFBR for Decommissioning


Potable/Supply Wells


Community Advisory Council Asks For Accelerated Cleanup

January 2000

PCB-Contaminated Soil Removed From Bldg. 96

February 2000

Plan for STP and Peconic River Cleanup Released

February 2000

BGRR Pile Fan Sump Removed

March 2000

Debris Pile Fire

March 2000

DOE Hands Over HFBR to Office of Environmental Management

April 2000

Contaminated Landscaping Soils Addressed

May 2000

BGRR Working Group Formed

June 2000

Operable Unit III Record of Decision

June 2000

CAC Sponsors Low-Level Radiation Debate

June 2000

BGRR Above-ground Concrete Air Duct Removal

July 2000

Brookhaven Medical Research Reactor is Shutdown

August 2000

HFBR Cooling Towers Removed

October 2000

HFBR Spent Fuel Pool Liner Installation Completed

October 2000

Upton Ecological and Research Reserve Created

November 2000

Peconic River Cleanup Alternatives Workshop Held

December 2000

BGRR Lower Canal and Water Treatment House Removal


Bldg. 96 Source Control GW Treatment System Begins Operating

February 2001

Operable Unit VI Record of Decision

March 2001

Roundtables Held on Decision Process for Peconic River Cleanup

October 2001

Middle Road Pump-and-Treat System Begins Operation

October 2001

Peconic River Working Group Formed

December 2001

Operable Unit V, STP, Record of Decision

January 2002

Peconic River Sediment Trap Constructed

March 2002

Reclamation Facility Sump and Outfall Excavated

March 2002

Western South Boundary GW Treatment System Begins Operating

September 2002

Contaminated Sludge Removed From Manholes

October 2002

HFBR Experimental Equipment Removed


Chemical/Animal Holes GW Treatment System Begins Operating

February 2003

Environmental and Waste Management Divisions Merge

March 2003

Ash Pits Capped

June 2003

FHWMF Above-grade Structures Removed

June 2003

Construction Begins On Five Off-site GW Treatment Systems

June 2003

Meadow Marsh Cleanup Begins

August 2003

New Peconic River Cleanup Plan Released for Comment

September 2003

Operable Unit IV Five-Year Review Released

September 2003

Contaminated Equipment Removed

September 2003

BGRR Coolers and Filters Removal

October 2003

Ecological Research Foundation Created

November 2003

BNL Adopts ESS&H Policy


BGRR Below-Ground Primary Liner Cleanup

February 2004

Fleet Maintenance Workshop Held

April 2004

Peconic River Cleanup Begins

April 2004

Upton Ecological and Research Reserve Receives EPA Award

April 2004

Long-Term Response Action Group To Monitor Cleanup

May 2004

BNL Accepted Into EPA Performance Track Program

August 2004

World War I Incinerator Demolished

September 2004

Waste Concentration Facility USTs Removed

September 2004

Operable Unit V, Peconic River, Record of Decision

January 2005

BGRR/WCF GW Treatment System Begins Operating

January 2005

BGRR Fuel Canal and Deep Soils Removal

February 2005

BGRR Record of Decision

March 2005

Demolition of the BGRR Instrument House

May 2005

OU III Explanation of Significant Differences

May 2005

Public Health Assessment Released by ATSDR

September 2005

Banded Sunfish Returned to Peconic River

September 2005

High-Priority Superfund Projects Completed

October 2005

Perimeter Soils

October 2005

Cold Neutron Facility Decontaminated


First Site-Wide Five Year Review Is Completed

July 2006

Soil Beneath Water Tower Removed

September 2006

Lead-Contaminated Soil Removed at Central Steam Facility

September 2006

g-2, BLIP, and USTs Record of Decision

May 2007

Waste Loading Area To Be Cleaned Up

October 2007

Last Single-Walled UST Removed

April 2008

BNL Buildings Achieve LEED Certification

September 2008

HFBR Control Rod Blades Removed

February 2009

Cleanup to be Accelerated by Recovery Act Funding

March 2009

High Flux Beam Reactor Record of Decision

April 2009

Waste Concentration Facility Transfer Lines Removed

July 2009

OU III ESD for Building 96

July 2009

BGRR Graphite Removal Began

February 2010

Major Milestone in BGRR Cleanup Reached

June 2010

Second Site-wide Five-Year Review Underway

July 2010

HFBR Goes Into 65-Year Storage

August 2010

Fanhouse Demolition Completed

September 2010

Lab to Host 200-Acre Solar Farm

September 2010

BGRR Decommissioning Continues

October 2010

Peconic River Restoration and Sediment Trap Removal Completed

January 2011

New Wells Added to BGRR/WCF Treatment System

April 2011

Reactor Stack Expected to Remain in Place

June 2011

ATSDR Final Public Health Assessment Released

August 2011

BGRR Bioshield Removal Completed

May 2012


July 2012

New OU III South Boundary Well

July 2012

OU III Freon-11 ESD

August 2012

Groundwater Treatment System Approved for Closure

July 2013

New Well Added to Middle Road Treatment System

December 2013

Administrative Record

November 2014

Third Site-wide Five-Year Review Underway

September 2015

BNL To Be Delisted From NPL


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