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Introduction: First generation (1G) Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O wire

The first-generation (1G) wire is the workhorse of the present-day HTS industry, with many hundreds of kilometres of tape produced for various demonstration projects, primarily power cables and motors. 1G tape is made by packing BiSrCaCuO (BSCCO) superconducting powder into a silver tube. BSCCO is a complex oxide superconductor of cuprate family with critical temperature 115 K. Following a series of rolling and heating steps the end product is a 4-mm-wide tape capable of carrying over 100 A at liquid nitrogen temperature and flexible enough to be used in the electric power applications.










Structure of BSCCO material

Cross-sections of several types of 1G wire produced by the American Superconductor Corporation. The individual strand is 0.2 mm by 4 mm with a critical current of the order of 125 A in zero field at 77 K. White is silver metal; gray is superconductor filament .


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