Harold J. Wiesmann

Division of Materials Science

Department of Materials Science

Upton, NY 11973

Tel: 631-344-7685

e-mail: wiesmann@bnl.gov



State University of New York at Stony Brook (B.S., Engineering, 1972; M.S., Materials Science, 1974; Ph.D., Materials Science, 1977); Brookhaven National Laboratory (Research Associate, 1977-1979).

Research Interests

Superconducting materials, synthesis and study of high Tc properties and novel compounds; Amorphous alloys, amorphous silicon solar cell fabrication.

Professional Affiliations

The Materials Research Society; American Physical Society.

Summary of Experience

Synthesized and examined a novel metal-insulator composite for superconducting interactions; Synthesized high quality Nb3Ge thin films and measured effect of radiation damage on the resistivity and superconducting transition temperature; Fabricated hydrogenated amorphous silicon alloy films. Achieved record solar cell efficiency of greater than 7%. Successfully fabricated and directed efforts to fabricate thin superconducting films of YBa2Cu3O7 and Tl2CaBa2Cu2Ox.

Mail to: wiesmann@bnl.gov

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