Exploratory Materials Synthesis & Characterization


Staff Information

Cedomir Petrovic

Physicist - Primary Investigator

Condensed Matter Physics
Brookhaven National Laboratory
734 Room 159
Upton, NY 11973-5000


Phone: 631-344-5065 (office), 631-487-1961 (cell)

Aifeng Wang

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Yu Liu

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Qianheng Du

Graduate Student (Stony Brook University)


Jianjun Tian

Visiting Scientist (Henan University)



Rongwei Hu (Graduate student 2005 - 2009). Currently at Rutgers Center for Advanced Materials (scientific staff)

Hechang Lei (Postdoc 2009 - 2012). Currently at Renmin University, Beijing (assistant professor)

Xiangde Zhu (Visiting scientist 2010 and 2013). Currently at High Magnetic Field Laboratory CAS, Hefei (scientific staff)

Kefeng Wang (Visiting scientist 2010 - 2012, postdoc 2012 - 2013). Currently at University of Maryland (postdoc)

Hyejin Ryu (Graduate student 2010-2014). Currently at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (postdoc)

Yongchang Ma (Visiting Scientist 2014). Currently at Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin (professor)

Lijun Li (Visiting scientist 2014). Currently at Institute of Solid State Physics CAS, Hefei (scientific staff)

Weijun Ren (Visiting scientist 2014 - 2015). Currently at Shenyang Institute of Metal Research, CAS (scientific staff)