Oxide Molecular Beam Epitaxy Group


Collaborations at BNL

ExperimentCOBRA X-ray crystallography
ResearchersDr. Ron Pindak, Dr. Hua Zhou (NSLS), Dr. Yitzak Yacobi (Technion, Israel)
Object of StudyThe atomic structure of interfaces in M-I bilayers
ExperimentHigh-resolution electron microscopy
ResearchersDr. Yimei Zhu (CMPMS)
Object of StudyThe atomic structure of HTS heterostructures; bi-crystal grain boundaries
ExperimentSynchrotron X-ray crystallography
ResearchersDr. John Hill (CMPMS)
Object of StudySpin excitation spectrum in ultrathin LSCO layers
ExperimentUltrafast electron diffraction
ResearchersDr. Xijie Wang (NSLS)
Object of StudyPhoto-induced lattice expansion

Collaborations in the United States

ExperimentResonant soft X-ray scattering (SXRS)
ResearchersProf. Peter Abbamonte, Dr. Serban Smadici (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Object of StudyHole-density distribution profiles in HTS superlattices
ExperimentTHz spectroscopy
ResearchersProf. Peter Armitage, Luke Bilbro (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
Object of StudySuperconducting fluctuations above Tc in LSCO films
ExperimentMagneto-transport in ultra-high magnetic fields
ResearchersDr. Gregory Boebinger (NHMFL), Scott Riggs, Jon Kempfer, Zac Stegen, (FSU-Tallahassee), Dr. Fedor Balakirev, Dr. Albert Migliori (LANL)
Object of StudyHigh-field magneto-resistance and Hall Effect in LSCO films
ExperimentTime-domain capacitance spectroscopy
ResearchersProf. Raymond Ashoori, Lu Li (MIT)
Object of StudyDOS from planar SIS tunneling characteristics
ExperimentSagnac interferrometry
ResearchersProf. Aharon Kapitulnik, Hovnatan Karapetyan, (Stanford University)
Object of StudySearch for triplet superconductivity in interface HTS
ExperimentDevice fabrication, transport measurements
ResearchersProf. Jenny Hoffman, Nick Litombe (Harvard Univ.)
Object of StudyHTS quantum dots
ExperimentLow-temperature broadband noise measurements
ResearchersProf. Dragana Popovic, Xioayan Shi (FSU-Tallahassee)
Object of StudyCoulomb glass behavior in underdoped LSCO
ExperimentMBE synthesis, characterization, transport
ResearchersProf. Ted Geballe (Stanford University)
Object of StudySr2CuO4-δ
ExperimentPolarized resonant X-ray scattering
ResearchersDr. John Freeland (Argonne National Laboratory)
Object of StudyElectronic structure of nickelate-cuprate interfaces
ExperimentHigh-resolution TEM and EELS
ResearchersDr. Steven Pennycook (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Object of StudyThe atomic structure of BaLaBiO films
ExperimentHigh-pressure transport measurements
ResearchersProf. C. W. (Paul) Chu (HKUST-Hong Kong, China and Univ. Houston)
Object of StudyThe pressure dependence of Tc in interface-HTS structures
ExperimentUltrafast electron diffraction
ResearchersProf. Nuh Gedik (MIT), Prof. Ahmed Zewail (Caltech)
Object of StudyPhoto-induced structural phase transitions; electron-phonon coupling
ExperimentIon-implanted Josephson junctions
ResearchersProf. Robert Dynes, Dr. Shane Cybart (UC-San Diego and UC-Berkeley)
Object of StudyJunction arrays; Giant proximity effect
ExperimentX-ray Raman spectroscopy
ResearchersProf. Robert Birgenau, Dr. Byron Freelon (LBL and UC-Berkeley)
Object of StudyMagnon excitations in undoped LCO
ExperimentMBE synthesis, structure characterization, transport
ResearchersProf. Darrell Schlom (Cornell University)
Object of StudyLSCO epitaxy on SrTiO3 grown epitaxially on Si
ExperimentElectrochemical characterization
ResearchersProf. Michael Aziz, Dr. Sujit Mondal (Harvard Univ.)
Object of StudyElectrode properties of SrRuO3 films
ResearchersDr. Steve Conradson (LANL)
Object of StudyDistribution of Cu-O bond lengths in LSCO
ExperimentHigh-resolution electron microscopy
ResearchersProf. David Muller (Cornell University)
Object of StudyAtomic and electronic structure of hetero-interfaces: atomic layering sequence, interdiffusion, oxygen distribution, and charge density profiles.
ExperimentInfrared transmittance in 33 T magnetic field
ResearchersProf. Sasha Djordjevic (Akron)
Object of StudyThe effect of magnetic field on mid-IR excitations in LSCO

Overseas Collaborations

ExperimentLow-energy muon spin resonance
ResearchersDr. Elvezio Morenzoni, Dr. Andreas Suter (Paul Scherrer Institute, Zurich, Switzerland)
Object of StudySpin-glass in underdoped LSCO; GPE in SN'S LSCO trilayers
ExperimentNanoring fabrication, magneto-transport measurements
ResearchersIlya Sochnikov (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)
Object of StudyMagnetoresistance oscillations in LSCO nanorings
ExperimentUltrafast optical pump-probe experiments
ResearchersProf. Jure Demsar (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Object of StudyPhoto-induced midgap states in LSCO
ExperimentMBE synthesis, device fabrication, transport measurements
ResearchersProf. Davor Pavuna, Guy Dubuis (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
Object of StudyHTS SuFETs
ExperimentTransport in Josephson junctions
ResearchersProf. Reinhart Kleiner, Dr. Dietrich Koelle (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Object of StudyBi-crystal LSCO junctions and arrays
ExperimentTime-resolved magneto-optics imaging
ResearchersProf. Yosef Yeshurun (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel)
Object of StudyVortex wave oscillations and avalanches
ExperimentFar-infrared and THz spectroscopy
ResearchersProf. Jae Hoon Kim, Taeyoon Hong (Yonsei Univ., Seoul, Korea)
Object of StudySuperfluid collective mode in LSCO thin films
ExperimentHigh-frequency inductance measurements
ResearchersDr. Vitaly Gasparov (Solid State Physics Institute, Chernogolovka, Russia)
Object of StudyBKT behavior in ultrathin HTS films
ExperimentTHz spectroscopy
ResearchersProf. Steven Dodge (Canada)
Object of StudyLow-energy photo-excitations in undoped and lightly doped LSCO films
ExperimentLow-temperature magneto-transport measurements
ResearchersProf. Christos Panagopoulos (Univ. of Crete and IESL-FORTH, Heraklion, Greece and Nanyang Technical University, Singapore)
Object of StudySpin glass behavior; nano-scale superconductivity

Proposed Collaborative Projects

ResearchersProf. J. C. Davis (CMPMS and Cornell University), Dr. Tonica Valla (CMPMS)
Object of StudyOASIS: integrated MBE, SI-STM and ARPES

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