Soft Matter Group

Confinement and Template Directed Assembly in Chemical and Biomolecular Materials

We use synchrotron x-ray scattering, scanning probe and optical microscopy techniques to study fundamental properties of complex fluids, simple liquids, macromolecular assemblies, polymers, and biomolecular materials under confinement and on templates.

The challenges are:

  1. To understand liquids under nano-confinement.
  2. How templates and confinement can be used to direct the assembly.
  3. To understand the fundamental interactions which give rise to similar self-assembly behavior for a wide variety of systems.
  4. How the resulting order correlates with the functional properties.

Recent News & Highlights

Dr. Julian David Baumert
June 16, 1975 - June 24, 2006
Full obituary from the Brookhaven Bulletin (pdf)
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