X-Ray Scattering Group

Group Photos

March 2015: Mark, Pavol, Vivek, and Xiao at SACLA -- the Japanese x-ray free electron laser.



January 2015: John being given a photo to ensure he doesn't forget out us on his move to NSLS-II!

John's photo hand over 

January 2015: Dinner to celebrate collaborator Ignace Jarrige's Brookhaven Lecture

October 2014: Last beam at NSLS and a final photograph at the X22 beamline.

January 2014: Farewell party for Mirian Garcia-Fernandez.

August 2013: John with the Beamline Advisory Team for the SIX project at NSLS-II. The preparations for the external building for SIX can be seen in the background.


August 2013: John and Mark with collaborators Ivan Bozovic and Yujie Sun standing in front of the diffractometer that was used to characterize the films for their recent publication.


August 2013: Xuerong at X22C

June 2013: Stuart at CSX-1

January 2013: Bill Schoenig's farewell party

September 2012: John and Mark with Ivan Bozovic in front his Molecular Beam Epitaxy system.


June 2012: John accepting the 2012 Brookhaven Science and Technology Award

July 2011: Stuart and John at X1A2

March 2010: John at the NSLSII construction site

Dec 2009: BNL-Columbia get together 


June 2009: Xray Scattering Group 


2009: Unveiling the new Chamber

Building X1A2


April 2004: X-ray Scattering Group 


1984: X-ray Scattering Group 

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