X-Ray Scattering Group

Kevin Knox

Kevin Knox

ph: (631) 344-5661
fax: (631) 344-2739


Kevin received his PhD from Columbia University in June 2011. While at Columbia, he worked in the surface science research group of Prof. Richard Osgood, Jr. There, he used LEEM and ARPES to study the surface morphology and band structure of nanostructured surfaces such as exfoliated monolayer graphene and bimetallic stepped surfaces.

In July 2011, Kevin joined the x-ray group at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He is involved in an interdisciplinary research effort to characterize the role of nanoscale fluctuations in strongly correlated electron systems such as cuprate and iron-based semiconductors, manganites and charge density wave materials using a variety of local structural probes including x-ray and neutron diffraction.


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