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Requesting a Computer Account on Blue Gene

Please note, New York Blue/L has been decommissioned and these web pages have not yet been updated to reflect its removal from service. The New York Blue/P is now one rack and remains in service. The BNL Blue Gene/Q also remains in service.

To obtain a computer account, users will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Request Permission to Use Computer Resources
  2. Obtain a BNL Guest Number
  3. Complete Cyber Security Training
  4. Apply for a "NY Blue/P" and/or a "BNL Blue Gene/Q" Computer Account
  5. Login to the Blue Gene SSH Gateways and the Front-end Host
  6. Subscribe to the BNL Blue Gene Users Mailing List

Request Permission to Use Computer Resources

All users' must submit a completed account request form to request permission to use Blue Gene Computing Resources at BNL. You will receive an email response indicating whether your request has been approved or denied. Use the buttons below to submit your request.

Please note that it could take up to a week to process your request. DO NOT proceed to Step 2 until your account request has been approved!

Obtain a BNL Guest Number

The purpose of this step is to obtain a BNL Guest Number. If you already have a valid BNL Life Number or Guest Number, skip step 2 and proceed to step 3.

In order to proceed with step 2 you will need the following:

  • You have already been approved in Step 1
  • You do not have a valid BNL Life Number or Guest Number

Everyone planning to access Blue Gene computer resources from outside BNL will need to be registered in the BNL Guest Registration System (see below) and request a Remote Computer User Appointment. The "Remote Computer User appointment" will allow you to remotely access BNL computing resources, but will not permit physical on-site access to BNL.

Note: A Remote Computer User Appointment is valid for up to two years. During the last month of the appointment you or your BNL sponsor may apply for an extension for a period not to exceed two years.

BNL Guest Registration
Tips to help you complete the form

Form Questions Insert the Following
Purpose of Visit: Other
BNL Department Associated with: Computational Science Center (CC) 
Facility being requested to Conduct Research: None 
Beam line/experiment being requested: None 
What type of Research or Work will the visitor/assignee be working on: Open Research 
Type of Access Requested: Remote Computer Access
Number of days you estimate to be on-site over a two-year: Intermittently < 30
Subject Code for the Visit/Assignment: None or Unknown
First Name of BNL Host for Visit/Assignment: Michael
Last Name of BNL Host for Visit/Assignment: McGuigan

Go to Guest Registration

When you finish completing the form a temporary Guest Registration Number (GRxxxxx) will be assigned to you. This is NOT your Guest Number.

You must wait until you get your Guest Number before taking any training.

US citizens you will issued a BNL Guest Number within a few days. However, it could take up to 60 days to be issued a BNL Guest Number if you are a Non-US citizen.

Complete Cyber Security Training

You cannot take Cyber Security training unless you have a current BNL Life or BNL Guest Number. Although it takes about 30 minutes to complete the online Cyber Security training, confirmation of training may take up to 24 hours to process.

Do not proceed to Step 4 until:

See "Tips for Successful Web Training" for information on BNL Training, system requirements, training records, FAQ's etc.

Begin Cyber Security Training

Apply for a Computer Account
New York Blue/P, and/or BNL Blue Gene/Q

In order to proceed with this step and access Blue Gene computing resources you will need the following:

  • Step 1 Completed: Permission was granted to have a Blue Gene account
  • Step 2 Completed: Have a current BNL Life Number or Guest Number
  • Step 3 Completed: Cyber Security training was completed and confirmed
  • Have a "New York Blue/P" and/or a "BNL Blue Gene/Q" Account
  • Have a RSA SecureID Account and Token

Note: The New York Blue/P account is as a single account request and is processed separately from any BNL Blue Gene/Q account request, so it's possible you will be approved for one, but not for the other. Request both only if you truly require both accounts. Additionally, you will also need an RSA SecurID Token to access the SSH gateway. If you do not have one, you should apply for one as well.

All account requests are processed by the BNL Account Management Office (AMO). Users' will be notified by AMO via email when the accounts have been created. Accounts are usually created within a day. Your account request WILL BE delayed if you have not completed step 1 -- failed to request permission to use Blue Gene computer recourses.

Computer Account Request Form

From the accounts page, enter the following:

  1. Your BNL Life or Guest Number
  2. Select you account type(s)
     - New York Blue/P and/or BNL Blue Gene/Q
     - RSA SecureID Token (if needed)
    You DO NOT have to select SSH gateway Access since all Blue Gene account requests includes an account on the Blue Gene SSH gateways.
  3. Enter any comments in the Comments box
  4. Press the Continue button

Go to the Account Request Form

RSA SecureID Token for RSA SecureID Account

When you receive your RSA SecureID account, you will receive a RSA hardware token; software tokens will only be issued to off-site users who are unable to pick up a hardware token from ITD.

Software tokens are available for computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X only. Tokens for BlackBerry and Apple iPhones smartphones are available to all Brookhaven National Laboratory personnel.

The RSA SecureID User Guide has detailed information about RSA SecureID token usage. When you apply for a Blue Gene and RSA SecureID account, you may also be asked to provide an Email and a BNL Telephone. If you don't have a BNL telephone, enter the BNL telephone of your sponsor.

Login to the Blue Gene SSH Gateways and the Front-end Host

Applicants will be notified by the BNL Account Management Office via email about the status of their Blue Gene computer account request.

Once the Blue Gene account has been set up, the user can try to login. Click the button below to  view detailed login instructions.

View Login Instructions

Subscribe to the BNL Blue Gene Users' Mailing List

It is highly recommended that all users' subscribe to the BNL Blue Gene users' mailing list.

This list provides information about the hardware status of the machine, scheduled maintenance, unscheduled outages, software upgrades, network status, etc. The list is announce-only. Subscribers will not be able to post their own messages; they will only be able to receive notifications posted by the List Administrators.

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