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Robert Konik Becomes New Managing Director of Comscope

October, 2017

Robert Konik, Chair of the Condensed Matter and Materials Science Division at Brookhaven National Laboratory becomes the new Managing Director of Comscope. Together with the Scientific Director, Gabriel Kotliar, he will lead the Comscope team and provide the strategic directions for the center.

photo of Konik

Second Annual Meeting

October 26-27, 2017, Hilton Gardern Inn Riverhead

The second annual meeting of Comscope took place end of October 2017 in the Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead. With over thirty participants and talks during the two conference days, the audience enjoyed a rich program of physics. The fall workshop was inaugurated with a pleasant welcome dinner and informal conversations between Comscope scientists, advisory board members and invited guests. On Thursday morning Gabriel Kotliar (CEO) officially welcomed all participants and reminded them of the mission of the center with an exciting historical overview on the development of theoretical spectroscopy and material design. Robert Konik was then introduced as the new Managing Director of Comscope to support the Scientific Director, Gabriel Kotliar, in leading the center. The first talk session reviewed the current experimental situation of FeSb2, a colossal thermopower material at low temperatures which was developed at BNL. It is currently serving as an important test case for Comscope software validation. Measurements on FeSb2 are extremely sophisticated and Comscope experimentalists at BNL are leading in this field. The discovery of the huge thermopower in FeSb2 motivated material scientists to reinforce their search for new thermoelectric materials. A report of current efforts was given during the experimental session. The experimental insights on FeSb2 were complemented in the second session of the day by talks about computational GW+DMFT and GW+RISB studies. The great importance of combining experimentally and theoretically gained knowledge was appreciated by all of the scientists present. For example, ARPES measurements helped to correct Comscope codes. Experimentalists underlined the need for more theoretical guidance on experiments. After lunch pioneering ideas in the emergent field of material design for strongly correlated materials were presented, followed by a session about successful stories in theoretical spectroscopy with a focus on Hund's metals. The last session of the day concentrated on extensions to current Comscope methodologies: non-equilibrium Landau theories. Inspired by the great physical input of the day the evening dinner was used for asking more questions and to discuss some old and many new ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The second day of the workshop was devoted to topics in computer science (e.g. GPU acceleration of the Comscope CTQMC solver, open source code development) and possible new research directions that are related to current Comscope methodologies and could be targeted in the future, such as molecular dynamics, the rapidly extending field of machine learning, and real-time impurity solvers (DMRG, NRG) for DMFT.

photo of Konik

First Annual Meeting

November 14-15, 2016, Hilton Garden Inn Stony Brook

This two-day workshop was the first annual meeting of the Comscope scientists and their collaborators after one year of joint research efforts. A variety of talks gave a detailed overview of the scientific challenges and achievements of the first year of the center. The topics ranged from new experimental insights on the colossal thermopower material FeSb2 to recent progress in methods and algorithms for strongly correlated systems such as LDA+DMFT, GW+DMFT, LDA+G-RISB, and diagrammatic extensions of GW. The annual meeting created an appropriate framework for networking and internal discussions between the participants of different universities and laboratories. At the end of the workshop future research directions were elaborated upon during the meeting of the advisory board.

photo of Konik

Kick-off Meeting

December 11, 2015, Brookhaven National Laboratory

This inaugural meeting marked officially the birth of the new center for computational material spectroscopy and design that had only recently received funding by the Department of Energy (DOE). The meeting served to introduce the members to one another and to coordinate work on Comscope projects. The meeting saw exciting presentations that illustrated the broad research directions of the center. Worthwhile discussions and conversations during the Dinner at La Plage complemented this first get-together and successful kick-off of Comscope.

photo of Konik

DOE announces funding for Comscope

October, 2015

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced $12 million in funding over the next four years for our new center for computational material spectroscopy and design - Comscope.