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Comscope is reaching the next level! We are offering and contributing to schools with lectures on strongly correlated material spectroscopy and design and hands-on trainings for the Comsuite.

Comscope Summer School 2021

Virtual School: June 21-24, 2021.

At this four-day school Gabi Kotliar gave an introduction to ab initio calculations of strongly correlated materials. The Comscope team gave both introductions and hands-on training for FlapwMBPT, the CTQMC impurity solver, integrated DFT+DMFT and qsGW+DMFT calculations, and integrated DFT+Gutzwiller and qsGW+Gutzwiller calculations. The Comsuite Virtual Machine is now available so that you can easily run all the Comsuite tutorials on your own computer, with no installation required except that of installing the Comsuite Virtual Machine in Virtualbox.

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Center for Computational Materials Spectroscopy and Design Winter School 2019

Riverhead, NY, USA: February 18 - 21, 2019

The first Comscope school took place at the Residence Inn Long Island East End! At this three-day school, the code developers of Comscope introduced parts of Comsuite, the Comscope software suite: DFT+ DMFT, FlapwMBPT, GW+DMFT, and Gutzwiller+LDA were presented in lectures and hands-on trainings.

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International Summer School on Computational Quantum Materials 2018

Orford, Québec, Canada: May 28 - June 6, 2018

Comscope contributes to the International Summer School on Computational Quantum Materials 2018, in Orford, Québec, Canada. This summer school focuses on computational tools for models and ab initio methods that deal with strongly correlated materials. The combination of both now allows to make predictions of the intriguing physics of d- and f-electron materials, including phenomena like large thermopowers or high-temperature superconductivity.

The school will provide a background in many-body theory necessary to understand modern computational methods, give an in-depth introduction to the main numerical methods and to their combination with ab initio techniques used in the study of strongly correlated materials, and introduce the students to a few current research problems, such as quantum systems out of equilibrium and entanglement in many-body. Extensive hands-on training on freely available codes, including ABINIT, TRIQS, LDA+DMFT and Comsuite will be an integral part of the school.

Comscope members (Gabriel Kotliar, Andrey Kutepov, Sangkook Choi, Kristjan Haule, and Lucian Pascut) will contribute with lectures and hands-on trainings for LDA+DMFT, GW implementation with the LAPW basis set, and GW+DMFT.

This summer school is dedicated to students, who are familiar with advanced quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics and have at least one year of graduate work. A few places will be available to postdocs. There will be two official poster sessions.

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