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Hidemaro Suwa

theorist, multiscale modeling

Hidemaro Suwa is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Tennessee and joined Comscope in 2017. After receiving his Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo in 2012, Suwa was a post-doctoral fellow at Boston University and an Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo. His work has been on the development of new numerical methods for many-body problems, particularly in the topics of the Markov chain and quantum Monte Carlo methodologies. Applying these methods, he has studied nontrivial quantum phases and critical phenomena of strongly correlated systems. His current projects are on the studies of the dynamical properties of correlated electron and spin systems by means of the Monte Carlo method, Langevin dynamics, molecular dynamics, and machine learning. His role in the center is to develop an efficient method for quantum molecular dynamics simulation. 

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Selected Publications

Semiclassical dynamics of spin density waves.
Gia-Wei Chern, Kipton Barros, Zhentao Wang, Hidemaro Suwa, and Cristian D. Batista,
Phys. Rev. B 97, 035120 (2018)

Directed Worm Algorithm with Geometric Optimization.
Hidemaro Suwa,

Level spectroscopy in a two-dimensional quantum magnet: Linearly dispersing spinons at the deconfined quantum critical point.
Hidemaro Suwa, Arnab Sen, and Anders W. Sandvik,
Phys. Rev. B 94, 144416 (2016)