General Lab Information

Return-to-Site Training

COVID-19 "return-to-site" training must be completed by all staff, users, contractors and guests before they begin work on site. A second COVID-19 training module for managers/supervisors must be completed by anyone who oversees staff before beginning work on site. It is very important for everyone to take the required training, which provides an overview of the enhanced safety and health requirements for staff working on the Lab site. Topics include:

  • What the Lab is doing to mitigate the risk of infection
  • Completing a daily pre-entry screening
  • Social distancing
  • Proper types and use of face coverings
  • Cleaning your work area and surfaces in common areas
  • Personal hygiene best practices
  • Practicing appropriate protocols when in close proximity to others
  • Recognizing and responding to potential symptoms of the virus in yourself and others.

The training may be accessed and completed from any Internet-enabled computer or smartphone. No VPN access is needed. Bargaining unit staff will be given time to take this training when they initially return to the site; everyone else who is able should complete it remotely before coming back. If you are unable to complete this training off site, you will be required to complete it immediately upon arriving on site.

The training can be found at Managers/supervisors should have received a separate link for their specific training. Contact the Training & Qualifications Office at with any questions.