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CSC Staff

The Interim Director of the Computational Science Center (CSC) is Michael McGuigan; James Glimm is Head of Applied Mathematics, and the Administrative Assistant is Laura-Li Loffredo. CSC is located in Building 463 (50 Bell Avenue), Room 255, at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY 11973-5000. The fax number for CSC is 631-344-5751.

CSC grew out of the Center for Data Intensive Computing, which was established in 1999. It currently has a staff of 13. As part of an active, ongoing collaboration with graduate students from Stony Brook, five graduate students are pursuing computational science at the Center.  In addition, there is currently one undergraduate student from Harvard University at the Center.


Name Position Phone/email
Michael McGuigan Interim Director 631-344-2695
James Glimm Head, Applied Mathematics 631-344-8155
Nicholas D'Imperio Advanced Technology Engineer


Dimitrios Katramatos Technology Architect


Roman Samulyak Computational Scientist 631-344-3304
Leonard Slatest Advanced Technology Engineer 631-344-4102
David Stampf Senior Technology Architect 631-344-4148
Dantong Yu Group Leader 631-344-3042

Yan Li Assistant Scientist


Sushant Sharma Research Associate


Shinjae Yoo Assistant Computational Scientist


Laura-Li Loffredo Administrative Assistant 631-344-3051


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CSC Students

Name Affiliation

Graduate Students

Hao Huang Stony Brook / Computer Science
Zhenzhou Peng Stony Brook / Electrical & Computer Engineering
Li Shi Stony Brook / Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shanshan Wu Stony Brook / Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Shun Yao Stony Brook / Biochemistry Department
Jin Xu Stony Brook / Electrical & Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Student

David Goode Harvard / Physics Department

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