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January 15, 2002

  Seminar Abstract
Center for Data Intensive Computing



System Support for Applications in a Data Intensive Computing Environment

Data intensive applications need support at both the user and system level for efficient execution in high performance computing environments.

First, I will present an overview of the runtime library support needed for efficient communication for compute intensive parallel applications. The majority of my talk will focus on I/O runtime support, both user-level and system level. I will briefly discuss two user-level I/O libraries, Jovian and Janus, and their potential for improving the performance of I/O intensive applications. Lastly, I will talk in detail about improving I/O at the system level in data intensive computing environments. I will present a study which explores the possibility of automatically predicting the time between successive read requests, the inter-request interval, of an application and exploiting this information to improve I/O performance via request scheduling/reordering of disk prefetch I/Os.


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