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May 15, 2002

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Complete Software Stack for Grid Computing

Sun Microsystems is strongly committed to Grid Computing, expressed in its visions about "The Network is the Computer", and "Sun ONE Open Network Environment", or in Sun's contribution to open technologies like Java, Jini, and Jxta. The objective of Sun's cross-functional Grid Computing organization is to establish Sun as the leader in Grid Computing by helping to build the Grid Community that will foster innovation, engagement, investment and awareness at all levels, and by delivering the products and services required by Sun's Grid Computing partners and customers.

Over the past few years, Sun has developed the Sun Grid Computing Software Stack, consisting of software building blocks for the general 3-tier grid architecture, including Cluster Grids, Campus or Enterprise Grids, and Global Grids. At the Cluster Grid level, Sun provides Sun Grid Engine, Solaris Resource Manager, Sun HPC ClusterTools, Sun Management Center, and Jxta, and basic cluster management tools. At the Campus or Enterprise level, in addition, there is the Sun Grid Engine Broker, which interfaces into the Global Grid level with technologies like Globus and Avaki. In addition, Sun's Technical Computing Portal serves as an entry portal for the Cluster, Campus, and Global Grids.


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