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February 29, 2000

  Seminar Abstract
Center for Data Intensive Computing



Simulation of 3D Fluid Jets with Application to the Muon Collider Target Design

The FronTier code was used to model the propagation of three dimensional fluid jets. FronTier is based on the method of front tracking, a numerical technique for solving systems of conservation laws in which the evolution of discontinuities is determined through the solution of the associated Riemann problem. The code was used for the numerical simulation of the Muon Collider target. The target is in the form of a mercury jet interacting with high energy proton beams in the presence of a strong magnetic field. The numerical simulation of the target evolution driven by strong pressure waves is important for the optimal target design. Theoretical estimations of the target behavior in the magnetic field, based on the linear stability analysis, are also presented. In addition, to study the response of the mercury target interacting with the pulsed proton beam, the tabulated equation of state for mercury was created in a wide temperature-pressure domain which includes the liquid and vapor phases and the region above the critical point.

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