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October 5, 2001

  Seminar Abstract
Center for Data Intensive Computing



Computational Methods in Accelerator Physics

In this talk, the main goals of the project Advanced Computing for 21st Century Accelerator Science and Technology within DOE's SciDAC initiative will be discussed as well as the targeted applications related to the CDIC research. In the area of the beam system simulation, we have been developing a circular accelerator code based on magnetic optics modules with the Lie-algebraic treatment of magnetic fields and 3D space charge and wake field/impedance modules incorporated using Yoshida's operator splitting technique.

The CDIC/BNL research activity is in the simulation of the particle beam - wake field interaction and the modeling of wake fields/impedances of resistive accelerator walls, non-smooth accelerator elements (bellows, RF cavities etc.) We will discuss the theory of wake fields/impedances of accelerator elements and plans for numerical implementation of the corresponding modules.

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