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December 14 , 2000

  Seminar Abstract
Center for Data Intensive Computing



Protein Interactions in Structural Genomics

An important problem in structural genomics is recreating the network of connections between proteins in a genome. The major aspects of this problem are: (1) the number of protein-protein interactions is very large (significantly larger than the number of individual proteins), and (2) most protein structures will be models of limited accuracy. Thus, the structure-based methods for building this network have to be (a) fast, and (b) insensitive to the inaccuracies of modeled structures. The docking program GRAMM has been shown to adequately address these issues. The procedure predicts the structure of protein complexes at variable resolutions, depending on the accuracy of the structural components. A systematic study showed a high degree of tolerance to the structural inaccuracies of protein models.

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