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November 29, 2000

  Seminar Abstract
Center for Data Intensive Computing



An Algorithm for Reconstruction of Neurite Outgrowth Images

The central nervous system has long been suggested as a system of the body that might be particularly sensitive to the passage of highly ionizing particles found in the galactic cosmic rays. To assess the neurotoxicity of high-energy iron particles, we used an in vitro model in which neuronal differentiation and neurite extension occur under controlled conditions. The model uses chick embryo explants to study the effects of iron ions on neuritogenesis.

The imaging problem is to observe the neurite outgrowth regenerated from an explant, and to quantify the extent of growth. We have developed an algorithm to reconstruct the neurite outgrowth which has automated the quantification process.

In this talk we describe our algorithm, discuss the quantification measures we obtain, and present preliminary results from our image analysis.

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