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Communicating Science Workshop

Alan Alda Brings Passion for Communicating Science to Brookhaven Lab

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Note: Registration is not required to attend the Alda talk or the panel discussion. Registration is only required to attend the workshops. Please contact Jane Koropsak if you have any questions.

About the Workshop

Our scientists and many other Lab employees have things to say that the public needs to hear – about our research, about how science works, and why it matters. By telling our story clearly and vividly, we can build a broader understanding of science and help policymakers and the public make well-grounded decisions about funding and policy issues, and help our community and other stakeholders understand the value of having the Lab located here on Long Island. But engaging with the public and the press can be difficult, and many scientists feel unsure of their ability to communicate well. That’s why Brookhaven National Laboratory is delighted to host a workshop April 9 on communicating science that promises to be illuminating and helpful. The workshop is being presented by the new Center for Communicating Science, a cooperative venture of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Alan Alda, actor and host of TV’s “Scientific American Frontier” series, whose interest in science communication helped spark creation of the new center, will speak in the morning, along with a panel equally committed to communicating science. In the afternoon, we will hold four workshops, all of which lend themselves to public speaking and communication. Scientists and facility staff will be able to take an innovative workshop, created by Alda, which uses improvisational theater games to help connect more directly and personally with their audiences. The improv workshop will be led by Stony Brook Theatre Arts faculty members trained by Alda. With these faculty members, Alda led a series of improv sessions for Lab scientists and Stony Brook graduate students last fall that produced striking results. Participants said it helped them in their teaching, presentations, and thesis defense -- plus, it was a lot of fun!

Besides improvisation, the April 9 workshop will offer sessions on how to interact with the media and write effective op-ed articles and letters to public officials. You can also gain greater insight into new media, such as blogs and podcasts.

We see the April 9 workshop as a rare opportunity to improve communication skills that are essential to your career – skills that will help you convey the illuminating stories of science.

  More about the Center for Communicating Science.

Event Date
April 9, 2010

Event Location
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Berkner Hall, Bldg 488
Main Lecture Hall

Event Coordinator
Jeanne D'Ascoli
Bus: 631-344-2277
Fax: 631-344-3654
Email: dascoli@bnl.gov

Last Modified: May 7, 2010