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Trend OfficeScan Upgrade Windows Computers

Keeping your Antivirus software current will help to protect your computer from viruses and other threats.

Are you running OfficeScan?

The easiest way to tell if you are running OfficeScan is to see if the OfficeScan Icon is displayed in your Task Bar. The OfficeScan Icon will be displayed near your system clock which is located in the lower right-hand side of your computer screen.

If you don't see the OfficeScan Icon, it maybe considered an inactive icon or you may have configured its notification behavior to "hide when inactive." In either case, this icon would be hidden from view. Click the reveal arrow to see the inactive icons. If the OfficeScan Icon is still not present, then its safe to say that the OfficeScan anti-virus software may not be installed. Please install this software as soon as possible. Install OfficeScan

Current Version: 10
Unknown to BNL users, Trend OfficeScan clients have been upgraded automatically for over five years. Because the new version is so much different, it is necessary to un-install the old OfficeScan 7.0/8.0 clients to re-install the new OfficeScan 10 Antivirus software with a fresh copy. OfficeScan is for Windows 7.

To see if your running the correct version of OfficeScan, right-mouse click on the OfficeScan icon in your task bar and select the <Open OfficeScan Agent Console> option.

You should see the OfficeScan Client window. Click the <Help> tab and select the <About> option.

You should see the About Trend Micro OfficeScan window.
  - Under the "Component Information" section, the "Program Version" must state <8.0>.
  - If it does show <10.0> then you're running the correct version.
  - If it doesn't, show <10.0> then you should upgrade your antivirus software package.

How to Upgrade your OfficeScan 7.0/8.0 Client to the new OfficeScan 10.0

  1. Go to Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ TrendMicro OfficeScan ⇒ Client
  2. Click on "Uninstall OfficeScan Client"

  3. Reinstall OfficeScan 10.0