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Trend ApexOne Antivirus Software for Windows Based Computers

All windows systems connected to the 130.199.x.x network must be running ApexOne. It's recommended that all laptops running Windows on Brookhaven's external wireless (visitor's) network should be running ApexOne as well.

If you are a BNL employee and plan to work from home, please download and install ApexOne on your home desktop or laptop computer to prevent viruses and malware from making their way into the Lab through your computer. Note: The ApexOne anti-virus software is for official BNL use only and is NOT to be given out to Non-BNL employees or to be installed on computers that will not be used for BNL-related work.

This software is only available for download if you are inside the BNL computer network or VPN.

Trend Micro's ServerProtect has been chosen by BNL as its virus-scanning product for Windows Servers. This is NOT a web-based installation, please contact the Help Desk at 631-344-5522 to have this product installed on your server.