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Transgender 101

When a child is born, a doctor says, "It's a boy" or "It's a girl." Assigning someone's sex is based on biology -- chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones. But a person's gender identity -- the inner sense of being male, female, or both -- doesn't always match their biology. Transgender people say they were assigned a sex that isn't true to who they are. Many people have assumptions about what it means to be transgender, but it isn't about surgery, or sexual orientation, or even how someone dresses. It's how they feel inside. [source]

Is my friend LGBTQ+?

Despite what movies and shows might lead you to believe, you can’t actually tell a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity by looking at them. So what is a person to do? First of all, think about why you want to know.

LGBTQ+ Glossary of Terms

This glossary is offered as a starting point for discussion. Language is dynamic, continually growing and changing. This is particularly true with the language we use to identify ourselves.

Being Respectful to Transgender People

The terms "transgender" and “trans” are umbrella terms that include lots of gender expansive identities: transsexual people, cross-dressers, genderqueer individuals, agender people, transmen, transwomen, two-spirit people and many more.

Six Tips for Creating Trans Affirming Spaces

Be respectful of everyone’s pronouns, even if it feels grammatically odd to you. Did you know that the 2nd definition of the word “they” in the Oxford English Dictionary is: “Used to refer to a person of unspecified gender”? Ex: “Ask a friend if they could help.”