General Lab Information

Peer Counseling

The Director’s Office Staff Offices and the Computational Science Initiative (CSI) have an informal avenue for staff to discuss concerns that might not rise to the level of the Lab’s formal complaint process.

Peer Counseling is available for staff who would like a safe space to discuss something that is on their mind and to receive some help and guidance to work through an issue or concern. Peer Counselors from the Director’s Office Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council are available to listen.

Guiding Principles


Peer Counselors are objective and free of judgement; they create a safe place for staff to be open and honest and are available to listen but do not advocate.


Peer Counselors help provide guidance to a path for resolution, offering informal assistance to help staff develop approaches to resolve issues/conflicts as early as possible and at the staff level. They are not an investigative body, nor do they keep formal records.


Conversations with a Peer Counselor will remain confidential to the extent possible. If there is a potential violation of law, DOE Regulation, and/or BSA policy, or an imminent hazard, the matter must be referred to the appropriate Brookhaven Lab Manager for appropriate action and resolution.


Peer Counselors are not part of Human Resources or the Lab’s formal Employee Concerns Program. The counselors are staff passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion, improving Brookhaven Lab, and assisting colleagues. The counselors serve on behalf of the Laboratory Director, Deputy Director for Science & Technology, Deputy Director for Operations, and the Director’s Office and CSI leadership. Peer Counseling does not replace the formal complaint process.

To learn more about the formal avenues to raise concerns, please see the Employee Support System.