EDM2001 Workshop Program
The Workshop will take place in the large seminar room of Physics (Bldg 510A)

Last updated: May 10

Monday 14 May
08:00-08:55 Registration
08:55-09:00 Opening
  Chair: Y. Semertzidis
09:00-09:10 John Marburger
(BNL Director)
09:10-09:55 W. Marciano
g-2 and the Muon Electric Dipole Moment
09:55-10:35 R. Arnowitt
(Texas A&M)
Muon g-2 in SUGRA Models
10:35-10:50 Coffee Break
  Chair: L. Roberts
10:50-11:30 P. Nath
Quark and Lepton EDMs and SUSY
11:30-12:00 S. Dawson
SUSY Searches at Fermilab
12:00-13:30 Lunch Break (Main BNL Cafeteria, Bldg 488)
  Chair: K. Jungmann
13:30-14:10 D. DeMille
Status of the Electron EDM Experiments
14:10-14:50 B. Dutta
(Texas A&M)
Electric Dipole Moments From SUSY Phases and the Muon g 2
14:50-15:25 C. Ozben
Recent results of the muon g-2 experiment at BNL and status of the 2000 analysis
15:25-15:40 Coffee Break
  Chair: W. Morse
15:40-16:20 K. Babu
(Oklahoma S.U.)
Muon EDM in the L-R SUSY Models
16:20-16:55 Y. Semertzidis
The Dedicated Muon EDM Experiment
16:55-17:15 E. Stephenson
Deuteron Polarimetry in the Dedicated Muon EDM Experiment
17:15-17:30 G. Bennett
Monitoring of Plate Alignments down to 1nrad
18:30 Workshop dinner at Kirin, Japanese/Chinese Restaurant in Rocky Point (Included in Registration Fee)
Tuesday 15 May
  Chair: J. Miller
09:00-09:15 O. Rind
Prospects of the Muon EDM Measurement with the Present g-2 Experiment
09:15-09:35 R. McNabb
Status of the Muon EDM Analysis with the Present g-2 Experiment
09:35-10:10 Y. Orlov
Control of the Vertical Electric Field Perturbations in the Dedicated Muon EDM Experiment by Using Trapping-Into-Resonance Effect
10:10-10:30 Coffee Break
  Chair: D. DeMille
10:30-11:10 W. Fetscher
Measurement of the Polarization Vector of Positrons from the Decay of Polarized Muons as a Test of Time Reversal Invariance
11:10-11:45 P. Herczeg
The Electric Dipole Moments and T-Violation in Low Energy Processes
11:45-12:10 S.Y. Zhang
Possible Beam Intensity Upgrades at the AGS
12:05-12:20 R. Fernow
The Front End Design of the Muon Storage Ring for the EDM Experiment
12:20-13:30 Lunch Break (Main BNL Cafeteria, Bldg 488)
13:30-14:00 M. Pospelov
Review of the Status of Hadronic Part of Calculations of the Neutron EDM and Schiff Moments
14:00-14:45 M. Romalis
Hg EDM Search
14:45-15:15 V. Lobashev
(Inst. Nucl. Res. Russian Academy Science)
Overview of the Neutron EDM Experiments
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:30 Francis J.M. Farley
Special Colloquium: Forty Three Years of Muon g-2
  End of Meeting