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The proton EDM (pEDM) proposal to DOE, for a storage ring proton EDM experiment with sensitivity 10-29 e·cm, is available here: The proton EDM proposal is available from the EDM internal web page proton EDM proposal (2011). Polarized protons at their magic momentum of 0.7 GeV/c are stored in an all-electric storage ring, while high efficiency internal polarimeters monitor the proton transverse spin components as a function of time.

The December 2009 technical review material is available here: December 2009 review

The March 2011 technical review material is available here: March 2011 review

A Review report for a Storage Ring pEDM Experiment from the technical review (ALD Review) in December 2009.

A Review report for the Storage Ring pEDM Experiment including the collaboration response from the technical review in March 2011.

The deuteron EDM (dEDM) proposal as submitted to the BNL PAC in April 2008 is given here: 2008 deuteron_EDM_proposal.

The proposal to the Brookhaven Program Advisory Committee submitted in August 2004 can be found in deuteron_EDM_proposal (2004).

The proton and deuteron EDM experiments at 10-29 e·cm are 103 to 104 times better than current EDM limits in terms of sensitivity to quark and gluon EDM, and the QCD theta parameter. They probe CP-violation at a range predicted by speculative theories beyond the standard model. The proton, deuteron and neutron EDM searches are complementary and combined together they will provide the source of the CP-violation if a non-zero EDM value is found in any of them. If CP-violation is found at that level they could shed light on the Baryon/anti-Baryon asymmetry mystery of our universe (BAU).


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