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William Marciano   Physics of the storage ring EDM experiment(pdf) (ppt)
Yannis Semertzidis   Overview of the proton EDM proposal for BNL(pdf) (ppt)
Alexei Fedotov   Beam parameters and collective effects for the proton EDM ring(pdf) (ppt)
Bill Morse   E and B fields in the proton EDM ring(pdf) (ppt)
Bill Morse   Beam Position Monitors in the proton EDM ring(pdf) (ppt)
Gerco Onderwater   Study of spin coherence time (SCT)(pdf) (ppt)
Fanglei Lin   Development of simulation environment UAL for spin studies(pdf) (ppt)
Ed Stephenson   Polarimeter R&D(pdf) (ppt)
Yannis Semertzidis   Concluding remarks(pdf) (ppt)

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