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Agenda for ALD’s Review of Storage Ring EDM Plans

Agenda in pdf (Dec. 02, 2009)

Location for all sessions: Berkner Hall Room B, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Monday, Dec. 7, 2009

8:30am Executive Session
8:50 amWelcoming remarksD. Lowenstein, BNL
8:55 amPhysics of the storage ring EDM experimentW. Marciano, BNL(25 + 10 minutes)
9:30 amOverview of the proton EDM proposal for BNL – including presentation of error goals and considerations, R&D milestones needed and assessment of chief technical risks Y. Semertzidis, BNL(45 minutes + 20 minutes discussion)
10:35 amCoffee break
10:50 amBeam parameters and collective effects for the proton EDM ring at BNLA. Fedotov, BNL(30 + 15 minutes)
11:35 amE and B fields in the proton EDM ringW. Morse, BNL(35 + 15 minutes)
12:25 pmLunch and Executive Session
1:45 pmBeam Position Monitors in the proton EDM ring: requirements and R&D planW. Morse(25 + 15 minutes)
2:25 pmStudy of spin coherence time (SCT) – Status, progress and plansG. Onderwater, KVI(30 + 15 minutes)
3:10 pmCoffee break
3:30 pmDevelopment of simulation environment UAL for spin studies in EDMF. Lin, BNL(30 + 15 minutes)
4:15 pmPolarimeter R&D, status, progress and plansE. Stephenson, IU(30 + 15 minutes)
5:00 pmConcluding remarks: cost estimation, collaboration needs and technical timelineY. Semertzidis, BNL(20 + 10 minutes)
5:30 pmExecutive Session – homework questions for collaboration
7:00 pmCommittee Dinner

Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009

9:00 am  Homework answers from collaboration
10:00 am  Executive Session
12:00 noon  Working lunch for committee
1:00 pm  Report drafting
3:00 pm  Public closeout session
3:30 pm  Adjourn

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