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Ensuring the future success of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields requires mentors that pass their knowledge on to the next generation. Mentoring is an enriching and mutually beneficial experience that brings a fresh perspective to a project and gives students an authentic opportunity to perform research that can be transformational in their lives and future careers.

Brookhaven Lab hosts over 350 interns annually through the Department of Energy’s (DOE) undergraduate, community college, and visiting faculty program along with Lab’s high school internship program. Like the college students, the high school participants are extraordinary with several having gone on to become semi-finalists in the Siemens and Regeneron science competitions. Many mentors develop a combined summer research team that includes a post doc, undergraduates, and high school students where the teams often end up publishing papers.

  • Mentors Make it Happen

    October 3, 2019

    Want to bring some smart and fresh thinking into your research or technical project? The mentor program administered by the Office of Educational Programs might be for you! Hosting a student can be an enriching experience. Participants appreciate the relationship with their mentors, are enthusiastic about the chance to participate in research, and the experience can be transformational for their careers.

Undergraduate and High School Internship Programs

A Laboratory mentorship can be accommodated through the following programs

DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program (SULI)

This is a 10-week program for undergraduate students. Students work side-by-side on projects with Lab scientific and engineering staff and receive a $600 per week stipend. This program also runs in the fall and spring semesters for 16 weeks with fewer participants. Contact Mel Morris at Ext. 5963 ( or Ken White at Ext. 7171 ( for details. SULI program page

DOE Community College Internship (CCI)

This is a 10-week internship program for community college students in science, engineering, and technology. Students work with scientists or engineers on technical projects related to the Lab’s research programs. These students often become candidates for Lab positions. Contact Mel Morris at Ext. 5963 ( or Ken White at Ext. 7171 ( for details. CCI program page

DOE Visiting Faculty Program (VFP)

A team consisting of a college or university faculty member and up to two undergraduate students (graduate students may also participate, but must have their own source of funding) work with a Lab researcher on long-term research initiatives that ideally lead to collaborative relationships. This is a great way to build a university collaboration focused on training students for fields of interest to the Lab and DOE. Contact Ken White at Ext. 7171 ( or Mel Morris at Ext. 5963 ( for details. VFP program page

BNL High School Research Program (HSRP)

High school students work side-by-side with a researcher for six weeks from July 9 to Aug. 17 this summer. Often, these students continue their work with a mentor into the academic year. Many researchers have had excellent results with these highly talented students. If you’re interested in this program, contact Aleida Perez at Ext. 4788 ( HSRP program page