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Yunpeng Shan

Research Associate

Yunpeng is interested in four research areas: (1) the cloud microphysics scheme developed for the mesoscale and global-scale models, (2) the observational and modeling studies of aerosol-cloud interaction, (3) model development for green energy forecast, and (4) combination between the sub-grid convective cloud scheme with the cloud microphysical scheme. Because the understanding of the fine-scale cloud evolution must begin with the fundamental microphysics of cloud and aerosol particles, Yunpeng improved parameterizations of various aerosol and cloud-related processes (e.g. cloud droplet coalescence, aerosol wet removal, and rain droplet sedimentation). Yunpeng has developed a new triple-moment cloud microphysical scheme with explicit treatment of rain droplets and an improved aerosol wet removal scheme for the convective clouds in the CAM model. Since Yunpeng joined the climate and process modeling group at BNL, he has been focused primarily on the application of cloud microphysical scheme and turbulence scheme in the mesoscale model to improve the green energy forecast.



  • University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), NV USA, Desert Research Institute, Reno (DRI), NV, Atmospheric Science, Ph.D., 2018
  • Nanjing University of Information Science &Technology (NUIST), China, M.S., Atmospheric Physics and Environment, 2014
  • Nanjing University of Information Science &Technology (NUIST), China, B.S., Atmospheric Physics, 2011

Areas of Interest

  • Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions
  • Cloud Microphysics
  • Model Development
  • Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling
  • Weather and Air Pollution Forecast
  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Global and Meso-scale Modeling

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Graduate Research Assistantship (UNR/DRI), 2014-2018
  • First Prize Scholarship in 2009-2010, NUIST
  • Third Prize Scholarship in 2007-2008, NUIST
  • Third Prize in College Advanced Mathematics Competition, NUIST
  • Member: American Geophysical Union
  • AMS Journal Reviewer: Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR)


  • University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, Postdoc with Dr. Xiaohong Liu, 2018-2019
  • Desert Research Institute (DRI), Reno, NV, Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Eric M. Wilcox, 2014-2018
  • Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Yan Yin and Dr. Tianliang Zhao, 2011-2014

Selected Publications

Lei Zhang, Tianliang Zhao, Sunling Gong, Shaofei Kong, Lili Tang, Duanyang Liu, Yongwei Wang, Lianji Jin, Yunpeng Shan, Chenghao Tan, Yingjie Zhang and Xiaomei Guo: Updated emission inventories of power plants in simulating air quality during haze periods over East China. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 18, 2065-2079 (2018).

Xiaoru Zhang, Yan Yin, Zhenyi Lin, Yongxiang Han, Jian Hao, Liang Yuan, Kui Chen, Jinghua Chen, Shaofei Kong, Yunpeng Shan, Hui Xiao and Wen Tan: Observation of aerosol number size distribution and new particle formation at a mountainous site in Southeast China. Sci. Total Environ. 575, 309-320 (2017).

Jiaolong Yan, Wu Zhang, Yunpeng Shan, Dan Liu: Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Aerosol and Weather Characteristics during Haze over the Eastern Northwest China. Plateau Meteorology 35(4), 1073-1086 (2016). (In Chinese)

Hui Jiang, Yan Yin, Xu Wang, Renjie Gao, Liang Yuan, Kui Chen and Yunpeng Shan: The measurement and parameterization of ice nucleating particles in different backgrounds of China. Atmos. Res. 181, 72-80 (2016).

Yu Shi, Xiaofeng Lou, Yunpeng Shan and Fei Hu: Numerical simulation of rain enhancement seeding of a snowfall case in Beijing Area[J]. Plateau Meteorology 36(5), 1276-1289, doi:10.7522/j. issn. 1000-053 (2016). (In Chinese)

Lei Zhang, Lianji Jin, Tianliang Zhao, Yan Yin, Bin Zhu, Yunpeng Shan, Xiaomei Guo, Chenghao Tan, Jinhui Gao and Haoliang Wang: Diurnal variation of surface ozone in mountainous areas: Case study of Mt. Huang, East China. Sci. Total Environ. 538, 583-590 (2015).

Hui Jiang, Yan Yin, Hang Su, Yunpeng Shan and Renjie Gao: The characteristics of atmospheric ice nuclei measured at the top of Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains) in Southeast China using a newly built static vacuum water vapor diffusion chamber. Atmos. Res. 153: 200-208 (2015).

S. F. Kong, L. Li, X. X. Li, Y. Yin, K. Chen, D. T. Liu, L. Yuan, Y. J. Zhang, Y. P. Shan, and Y. Q. Ji: The impacts of firework burning at the Chinese Spring Festival on air quality: insights of tracers, source evolution and aging processes. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 15, 2167-2184 (2015).

Shaofei Kong, Xuxu Li, Li Li, Yan Yin, Kui Chen, Liang Yuan, Yingjie Zhang, Yunpeng Shan and Yaqin Ji: Variation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric PM2.5during winter haze period around 2014 Chinese Spring Festival at Nanjing: Insights of source changes, air mass direction and firework particle injection. Sci. Total Environ. 520, 59-72 (2015).

Changhao Tan, Xin Chen, Tianliang Zhao and Yunpeng Shan: Research progress on the Development and Application of Air Quality Models. Environmental Monitoring and Forewarning 6(6), 1-7 (2014). (In Chinese)

Qi Jiang, Yan Yin, Yunpeng Shan, Aihua Li and Kui Chen: The effect of anthropogenic aerosol pollution on orographic precipitation: A case study over the Mountain Huangshan[J]. Trans. Atmos. Sci. 37(4), 405-413 (2014). (In Chinese)

Yunpeng Shan, Yan Yin and Hui Xiao: A sensitivity experiment of forecasting precipitation with double-moment microphysics schemes in WRF model. J. Meteo. Sci. 34(1), 1-9, doi: 10.3969/2013Jms.0020 (2014). (In Chinese)

Luyu Chang, Tianliang Zhao, Jinhai He, Lili Tang, Hongxia Yu and Yunpeng Shan: Impact of regional meteorological conditions on concentration of atmospheric pollutants in Nanjing urban area[J]. J. Meteo. Environ. 29(6), 95-101 (2013). (In Chinese)