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Scott Smith

Environmental Associate I

Scott is an Environmental Associate working in the Environmental & Climate Sciences Department.  He is a project engineer designing and building systems necessary to support the various projects within the department. His most recent work has been to design, construct and implement data collections systems for BNL’s meteorological network and the Long Island Solar Farm irradiance measurements.


  • Dowling College, B.S., Natural Sciences and Mathematics with honors
  • Suffolk County Community College, A.S., Science Technology

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Spotlight Award for Ameriflux Tall Towers Experiment
  • Spotlight Award for Laser Detection of PFT's

Areas of Interest

  • Island effects on cloud formations
  • Changing levels of surface solar radiation
  • Remote sensing equipment


  • BNL Employee, June 1994 to present
  • OMP (Ocean Margin Program), 14-day cruises, March 94 and July 94: Around the clock sampling and testing of sea water.
  • Summer 1996, CSP (Combined Sensor Program): a 4.5 week cruise in the tropical western Pacific where I was the sole BNL representative operating the PRP (Portable Radiation Package) prototype, in addition to spending 9 days doing side-by-side comparison with similar instruments on Manus Island (PNG).
  • July 1997: Sailed on the Kaiyo, a Japanese research vessel, which sailed from Majuro to Palau operating the next generation PRP and portable MET station.
  • June 1999 through August 1999: I was on the RON Brown during the NAURU99 experiment and was again BNL's sole representative operating a PRP.
  • July 1999, Hilo, HI: Calibrated three PRP's (Portable Radiation Package) that were deployed during NAURU99. This was done at the NOAA facility on Mauna Loa on the “Big” island of Hawaii.
  • March 2004, August 2004: Urban Dispersion Program (UDP). The lead for the deployment and operation of meteorological equipment for the ground and rooftop stations, this included two Mini SODARs.
  • May 2009, Aiken, Georgia: Ameriflux Tall Tower Test. The lead BNL representative for the tracer release units for 2 consecutive night time tests.
  • October 2008: Responsible for maintaining the BNL meteorological instrument network.
  • July 2012, NYC, New York: SSAFE Air Flow Study. Responsible for two rooftop sonic anemometer installations in New York City as well as the tracer release units for this program.
  • August 2014, Manacapuru, Brazil: Traveled with 4 other BNL scientists to prepare remote aerosol sampling labs for the September IOP.
  • August 2016, Oliktok Point, Alaska: Led the team for the installation of the AMF3 AOS. Responsible for the design, system integration, installation and initial start-up of the AMF3 AOS, AOS03. (AOS -- Aerosol Observing System).
  • November 2016, Lamont, Oklahoma: Designed, integrated and installed the newest generation AOS. Led a team of six mentors for the initial installation of the SGP AOS, AOS07. Responsible for the installation, operations and the initial start-up of the newest AOS.