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Scott Smith

Environmental Associate I

Scott is an Environmental Associate working in the Environmental Research and Technology Division. He is a project engineer designing and building systems necessary to support the various projects within the Environmental & Climate Sciences Department. His most recent work has been to design, construct and implement data collections systems for BNL’s meteorological network and the Long Island Solar Farm irradiance measurements.


  • Dowling College, B.S., Natural Sciences and Mathematics with honors
  • Suffolk County Community College, A.S., Science Technology

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • Spotlight Award for Ameriflux Tall Towers Experiment
  • Spotlight Award for Laser Detection of PFT's

Areas of Interest

  • Island effects on cloud formations
  • Changing levels of surface solar radiation
  • Remote sensing equipment


  • BNL Employee, June 1994 to present
  • OMP (Ocean Margin Program) 14-day cruises, March 94 and July 94: Around the clock sampling and testing of sea water
  • Summer 1996 CSP (Combined Sensor Program): a 4.5 week cruise in the tropical western Pacific where I was the sole BNL representative operating the PRP (Portable Radiation Package) prototype, in addition to spending 9 days doing side-by-side comparison with similar instruments on Manus Island (PNG)
  • July 1997: Sailed on the Kaiyo, a Japanese research vessel, which sailed from Majuro to Palau operating the next generation PRP and portable MET station
  • June 1999 through August 1999: I was on the RON Brown during the NAURU99 experiment and was again BNL's sole representative operating a PRP
  • July 1999 Hilo, HI: Calibrated three PRP's (Portable Radiation Package) that were deployed during NAURU99. This was done at the NOAA facility on Mauna Loa on the “Big” island of Hawaii.
  • March 2004, August 2004: Urban Dispersion Program (UDP). The lead for the deployment and operation of meteorological equipment for the ground and rooftop stations, this included two Mini SODARs
  • May 2009: Ameriflux Tall Tower Test. The lead BNL representative for the tracer release units for 2 consecutive night time tests
  • October 2008: Responsible for maintaining the BNL meteorological instrument network.
  • July 2012: SSAFE Air Flow Study. Responsible for two rooftop sonic anemometer installations in New York City as well as the tracer release units for this program.
  • August 2014 Manacapuru, Brazil: Traveled with 4 other BNL scientists to prepare remote aerosol sampling labs for the September IOP.