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Dié Wang

Research Associate

Dr. Wang has a Ph.D in Physics from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in France. Her Ph.D work focuses on the understanding of scattering processes of cloud ice particles and the retrieval of cloud microphysical properties from satellite microwave remote sensing measurements. Since coming to BNL, her research interests have been focused primarily on the observational studies to better understand the deep convective cloud systems and their insights for the improvement of regional to global climate modeling capabilities. She also serves as the instrument mentor for the rain gauges and disdrometers operated by the DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program.


  • Ph.D, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Physics, 2016
  • M.S., Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Meteorology, 2013
  • B.S., Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Atmospheric Science, 2010

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • NCAR ECSA Visitor Award, 2020
  • Centre National D’Etudes Spatiales / French Airbus Scholarship, 2013-2016
  • Outstanding Graduate Student of NUIST, 2013
  • NUIST Scholarship, 2008-2013

Areas of Interest

  • Convective Cloud Systems
  • Cloud and Precipitation Microphysics
  • Atmospheric Radiative Transfer


  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, Research Associate, 2017-present
  • Observatoire de Paris, Research Assistant, 2013-2016
  • Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster, Ministry of Education, Research Assistant, 2010-2013

External Service

  • ARM instrument mentor, 2020-present
  • Grant reviewer for ASR Research proposals
  • Journal reviewer for ACP, JGR-A, JHM, JMSJ, MDPI

Selected Publications

Giangrande, S. E., Wang, D., and Mechem, D. B.  Cloud regimes over the Amazon Basin: perspectives from the GoAmazon2014/5 campaign.  Atmos. Chem. Phys. 20, 7489-7507, doi:10.5194/acp-20-7489-2020  (2020).

Prein, A. F., Rasmussen, R. M., Wang, D., and Giangrande, S. E.  Sensitivity of Organized Convective Storms to Model Grid Spacing in Current and Future Climates.  Philosophical Transactions A, accepted (2020).

Wang D., S. E. Giangrande, Z. Feng, J. C. Hardin, A. F. Prein, 2020, Updraft and downdraft core size and intensity as revealed by radar wind profilers: MCS observations and idealized model comparisons.  JGR, accepted (2020).

Oue M., A. Tatarevic, P. Kollias, D. Wang, K. Yu, and A. M. Vogelmann, 2020, The Cloud Resolving Model Radar Simulator (CR-SIM) version 3.2: Description and applications of a virtual observatory. Geosci. Model Dev. 13, 1975-1998, (2020).

Wang D., S. E. Giangrande, K. A. Schiro, M. P. Jensen, R. A. Houze Jr., 2019, The characteristics of tropical and midlatitude mesoscale convective systems as revealed by Radar Wind Profilers. JGR: Atmospheres, 124, 1-19.

Giangrande S. E., D. Wang, M. J. Bartholomew, M. P. Jensen, D. B. Mechem, J. Hardin, R. Wood, 2019, Midlatitude oceanic cloud precipitation properties as sampled by the ARM Eastern North Atlantic observatory. JGR: Atmospheres, 124.

Wang D., S. E. Giangrande, M. J. Bartholomew, J. Hardin, Z. Feng, R. Thalman, L. A. T. Machado, 2018, The Green Ocean: precipitation insights from the GoAmazon2014/5 experiment, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 18, 9121-9145.

Wang D., C. Prigent, L. Kilic, S. Fox, C. Harlow, C. Jiménez, F. Aires, C. Grassotti, F. Karbou, 2017, Surface emissivity at microwaves to millimeter waves over polar regions: parameterization and evaluation with aircraft experiments, J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 34, 1039–1059.

Galligani V. S., D. Wang, M. A. Imaz, P. Salio, C. Prigent, 2017, Analysis and evaluation of WRF microphysical schemes for deep moist convection over Southeastern South America (SESA) using microwave satellite observations and radiative transfer simulations, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 3627-3649.

Wang D., C. Prigent, F. Aires, C. Jimenez, 2017, A statistical retrieval of cloud parameters for the millimeter wave Ice Cloud Imager on board MetOp-SG, IEEE Access, vol. 5, pp. 4057-4076.

Prigent C., F. Aires, D. Wang, S. Fox, C. Harlow, 2016, Sea-surface emissivity parametrization from microwaves to millimetre waves. Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc., 143: 596-605. doi:10.1002/qj.2953.

Wang D., J. Miao, D. Zhang, 2015, Numerical simulations of local circulation and its response to land cover changes over the Yellow Mountains of China. J. Meteor. Res., 29(4): 667-681.

Wang D., J. Miao, Z. Tan, 2013, Impacts of topography and land cover change on thunderstorm over the Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) area of China, Nat Hazards (2013) 67: 675.

Xu Q., J. Miao, Y. Liu, L. Huang, D. Wang, 2013, Response of sea and land breeze characteristics to urban heat island over the west coast of Bohai Bay, SMS, 33(4), 408-417.