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Xin Zhou

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Interested in applications on clouds and renewable energy, Dr. Zhou's current work on evaluating WRF-Solar model using different model configurations is a good start to advance the WRF-Solar for better solar irradiance forecast.  He has rich experiences using WRF to conduct simulations at different scales and have accomplished a series of research projects on radiative transfer, clouds and precipitating systems at various stages. These experiences provide him a unique skill set to study the cloud-related processes using numerical modeling approach.  Besides research, he has had several enriching experiences in teaching and communication including STRIDE program for example. These experiences helped him to better engage with the research team and colleagues while keeping self-motivated.



  • Stony Brook University, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences, 2018.
  • University of Wyoming, M.S., Atmospheric Sciences, 2013.
  • Sun Yat-sen University, China, B.S., Atmospheric Sciences, 2008.


  • American Meteorology Society
  • American Geophysical Union

Areas of Interest

  • Cloud microphysics and radiative transfer
  • Extreme weather events in a changing climate
  • Influences of complex terrain on the PBL characteristics and convection
  • WRF modeling, climate, and cloud resolving models, large eddy simulation


  • Winner of the 1st STRIDE data visualization competition, 2017, Stony Brook University
  • Professor Xiangding Wu Memorial Award, 2013-2014, SoMAS, Stony Brook University


  • Brookhaven National Laboratory:  Research Intern, 2017-present

Selected Publications

Zhou, X., and M. Khairoutdinov:  Changes in Temperature and Precipitation Extremes in Super-parameterized CAM in Response to Warmer SSTs. J. Clim. 30, 9827-9845 (2017).

Zhou, X., and B. Geerts:  The influence of soil moisture on the planetary boundary layer and on cumulus convection over an isolated mountain. Part I: Observations. Mon. Wea. Rev. 141, 1061-1078 (2013).