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Our Mission

The Terrestrial Ecosystem Science and Technology (TEST) group seeks to improve the representation of ecosystem processes in Earth System Models in order to increase our ability to understand and project global change. We study processes that have a global impact on climate, and focus on ecosystems that are poorly understood, sensitive to global change, and inadequately represented in models. We are also interested in applying our techniques to address questions related to global food security and bioenergy.

Our Research Goal

Advance process level understanding of terrestrial ecosystems, incorporate new knowledge into models, reduce model uncertainty and ultimately improve our ability to understand and project global change.

Our Approach

  • Develop and use novel computational methods to quantify model sensitivity and target critical areas where improved process knowledge will reduce model uncertainty.
  • Use state-of-the-art techniques - including remote sensing- to advance mechanistic understanding and enable scaling of key ecosystem processes.
  • Test and inform models iteratively through measurements and environmental manipulations.

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