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Terrestrial Ecosystem Science & Technology

Global Change Experimental Facility Design and Management

We design and manage manipulative experiments that examine the effects of carbon dioxide, ozone, temperature and precipitation on natural and managed ecosystems using fully open air approaches, glass houses, and field enclosures that use both passive and active control systems. We are also interested in the deployment of manipulation experiments and environmental monitoring platforms in extreme environments.  As part of the NGEE-Arctic project we designed a passively warmed field enclosure capable of warming and modulating air temperature.

The TEST group is an internationally recognized leader in the design and management of Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) research facilities. We pioneered the use of FACE technology to study the impact of elevated CO2 on terrestrial ecosystems and have designed, built and managed FACE experiments in ecosystems ranging from crops to mature forests. We maintain an active interest in FACE technology and provide consultation for the design and operation of new FACE facilities, e.g. EucFACE at the University of Western Sydney, Australia and BIFoR FACE at The University of Birmingham, UK.

  • Carrying our warming chambers out to the field

  • Our prototype Arctic warming chamber

  • Drilling anchor holes