Goose Banding

BNL in cooperation with the NYSDEC bands Canada Geese. Geese are banded during the summer months when they are molting and lack flight feathers. This allows biologists to herd the geese into makeshift corals. Once the birds are in the corals, biologists capture individual birds; determine their age and sex, then place an aluminum band containing a unique identification number. The numbers are registered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in order to track    information about the birds. If the birds are recaptured, found dead, or hunted, the information from tag is supplied back to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service who will then be able to tell when and where it was banded, determine its age and distance from banding site. The information becomes very valuable when a bird is recaptured multiple times at varying locations, because it provides information on behavior and habitat use. For BNL information over time will assist with determining whether certain geese are resident non-migratory birds, if they are migratory, age, and how many times they’ve nested at BNL.

Canada geese on one of BNL’s many ponds

Goose round-up

Corralled geese

Capturing a goose for banding

Sexing, age determination, and banding

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