Chemical Management System

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CMS / SDS Team Manager
Bob Petricek
Phone: (631) 344-2028
Email: or
Mobile Phone: 631-457-3026

Bob is responsible for overseeing all operations of the Chemical Management and MSDS/SDS groups. He interacts with the ChemReq/WebReq ordering program, coordinates personnel, and insures that BNL is in compliance with DOE regulations and guidelines, regarding CMS. Contact Bob if other team members are unable to help you with your inventory questions, or if you need help with the ChemReq/WebReq new chemical ordering procedure, chemical hazard coding or MSDS/SDS questions.

Chemical Management Team
Angela Levine
Phone: (631) 344-2862
Email: Levine, Angela or
Mobile Phone: 631-873-1014

Angela is responsible for  operations of the Chemical Management system and MSDS/SDS systems. She interacts with receiving warehouse personnel for all incoming chemicals and interfaces with users in the field with regards to bar coded chemcials.  She is directly involved in the bar coding of cylinders and with maintaining the chemical dictionary as well as chemical hazard analysis.

Chemical Management Team
Justin Wojciechowski
Phone: (631) 344-7325
Email: or
Mobile Phone: 631-960-2000

Justin is responsible for collecting, entering and qualifying CMS data. He assists in the barcoding of incoming chemicals, completes chemical inventories in laboratories and tracks the chemicals on site from cradle to grave.  Justin is responsible for managing the MSDS/SDS database.  Please contact him if you have any questions regarding an MSDS/SDS.

Please contact him if you have any questions regarding CMS inventory, deletions or transfers of barcoded chemicals, or barcoding of new chemicals when you receive them.

Chemical Management Team
Michelle Vacant Position
Phone: (631) 344-XXXX
Email:  or
Mobile Phone: XXXX


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