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ES&H Coordinator Program

Each Department Chair/Division Manager assigns a qualified Environment, Safety & Health (ES&H) Coordinator for each of his or her facilities. The ES&H Coordinator serves as the single point-of-contact for environmental, safety and health-related issues.

ES&H Coordinator meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. If an ES&H Coordinator cannot attend, an alternate should be sent. Attendance is important since these meetings are frequently used as training sessions and/or a venue to provide relevant subject matter information. Guest speakers give presentations on specific topics to provide information to help the ES&H Coordinators accomplish their responsibilities. These meetings are also used as a forum to address general questions and specific concerns.

For a list of all ES&H Coordinators, please see the Contact List (Laboratory Roles) in SBMS.

For questions regarding the ES&H Coordinator meetings, contact the Safety & Health Services Division  at ext. 4056.