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Hazardous Materials Transportation

It is Brookhaven National Laboratory’s (BNL’s) policy to integrate packaging and transportation safety stewardship into all facets of the Laboratory’s operations. BNL will manage this program in a manner that protects the staff, public and the environment.

The Laboratory's Hazardous Material Transportation Safety Program serves the following key purposes:

  • Protects staff and public from unnecessary exposure to hazardous material during transport:
  • Protects facilities, equipment and environment from contamination with hazardous materials;
  • Ensures compliance with applicable regulatory and contractual requirements;
  • Maintains exposures to hazardous materials As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA); and,

Provides links to appropriate subject areas and points of contact.

These objectives are accomplished through the development of program documents including:

  • Hazardous Material Transportation Manual (HMTM), Management System Description and Subject Areas that define BNL's Hazardous Material Transportation Safety Requirements;
  • Department/Division implementing procedures; and,
  • Through provision of technical services in support of the line operations.

BNL's Hazardous Material Packaging and Transportation Safety Program consists of the following activities:

  • Hazardous Waste packaging and transportation;
  • Hazardous materials packaging and transportation (excluding hazardous waste);
  • Commercial shipping, receiving, and distribution of purchased and general hazardous commodities acquired from off-site or leaving the site;
  • Onsite transportation services between the various buildings for hazardous commodities, equipment and samples;
  • Certification for off-site hazmat shipments;
  • Radiological assistance for radiation/contamination surveys of packages/equipment/transport vehicles for on-site transfers and off-site shipments.


BNL is defined as a closed site (a site where non-lab employees or subcontractors and commercial traffic is restricted by security personnel, gates, etc.). The Federal Hazardous Material Packaging and Transportation regulations do not apply to the movement of hazardous materials between facilities on site (within the BNL boundaries) since these materials by definition are not in commerce. However, full compliance with Federal Hazardous Material Packaging and Transportation regulations can be used to satisfy on-site hazardous material transportation safety requirements. BNL uses controls equivalent to the Federal Hazardous Materials Packaging and Transportation regulations for on-site transfers.These controls are described in the HMTM.