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Join the Heat Stress Notification System

The BNL Area Heat-Stress Notification System issues heat stress alert information. These messages can be accessed via the real-time web site BNL Heat Stress Conditions; by e-mail messages; and by text messages to pagers and cellular phones. It is highly recommended that each organization doing work outdoors in the summer designate individuals to be responsible for informing workers to modify work activities when an alert has been issued.

The ESH Guide Heat Stress  web site contains guidance and recommendations on heat stress symptoms and management.

A web course on Heat Stress Prevention is also available to all employees. It explains symptoms of heat stress and the meanings of the text messages.

The notification works as follows:

  1. Data collection and analysis: The signal from a Heat Stress Monitor (stationed on-site at Building 120) is relayed to a computer. The computer analyzes and averages the data to eliminate momentary fluctuations caused by sporadic cloud cover and wind gusts.
  2. Automatic Notifications: When conditions warrant, the computer sends out messages containing the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature and the corresponding Work/Rest Regimen data via three simultaneous mechanisms:
    • Internet web page updates BNL Heat Stress Conditions
    • E-mail notifications to desk top computers, wireless laptops, and Blackberry units
    • Digital TEXT messages to ITD registered text pager and cellular phones (such as Nextel & Verizon Cell phones or VerizonĀ® Text Pagers)

To join the notification list

  • Register a pager or phone with ITD by calling x5522.
  • To join the notification list, contact Nicole Bernholc at x2027 with the BNL Outlook email account name.