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Heat Stress

General Controls for Heat Stress Management: Provide accurate verbal and written instruction, frequent training programs, and other information about heat stress and strain. During hot weather, drinking water must be made available and workers encourage to drink approximately one cup of reasonably cool (50-60F) water or sports drink every 20 minutes. Permit self-limitation of exposures and encourage co-worker observation to detect signs and symptoms of heat strain in others.

Counsel and monitor those who take medications that may compromise normal cardiovascular, blood pressure, body temperature regulation, renal or sweat functions; and those who abuse or are recovering from the abuse of alcohol or other intoxicants. Encourage healthy life-styles, ideal body weight and electrolyte balance.

Adjust expectations of those returning to work after absence from hot exposure situations and encourage consumption of salty foods (with approval of physician if on a salt-restricted diet). Consider pre-placement medical screening to identify those susceptible to systemic heat injury.