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Traffic Safety Committee Contacts

Title - Affiliation Name Mail Stop Phone FAX Pager/Cell* Email
Committee Chair - Safety & Health Services Ed Nowak Bldg 120 631-344-8211 631-344- none
Committee Member - Laboratory Protection Division TBA Bldg 30 631-344- 631-344- 631-  
Committee Member - Laboratory Protection Division Tim Kelly Bldg 50 631-344-2351 631-344-5887 none
Committee Member - Facilities & Operations Chip Sullivan Bldg 326 631-344-5589 631-344-7282 631-433-1072
Committee Member - Modernization Project Office Thomas Joos Bldg 134 631-344-7707 631-344-5774 none
Committee Member - Safety & Health Services Darcy Mallon Bldg 120 631-344-3362 631-344-2038 none
Committee Coordinator - Safety & Health Services Amber Aponte Bldg 120 631-344- 631-344-4056 none

* Pager Use: There are two types of pager numbers listed in this directory: Laboratory pagers, and non-Laboratory pagers. Laboratory pagers are those where only four digits are shown. To call a Laboratory pager while you are on-site, dial 3456, wait for a 2-second tone burst, and then dial the 4-digit pager number. You will hear a series of short beeps after which (a) for voice pagers (numbers beginning with digits 0 - 3) state your message, or (b) for digital pagers (numbers beginning with digits 4 - 7) dial the phone number you wish the party to call. For non-Laboratory pagers, dial the full number and exchange that is displayed.