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Exercising Regularly is Good for Us

By Keum-Seong

I’d like to tell you about my hobby. My hobby is exercising. Swimming is one of my favorite sports. So, I go to swim for one hour every day. I feel so good after a swim. Also, It will make me healthier. I didn’t know how to swim about two years ago. When I worked in Korea one day I thought my life was boring. So, I decided to go to swim. I am mad about swimming these days. Actually, I think it is important to do self-improvement activities regularly.

Secondly, I used to go snowboarding in winter. I felt great while I was sliding down the slope. Usually, there are so many people in the ski resorts in Korea. So, It takes a long time to take a lift. Even so, most people like to ride snowboards and ski, which are the best of winter sports. I’ve heard that there are great ski resorts in upstate New York. In the future I’d like to go there. There is a saying “ Sound mind Sound body” I can maintain good health and a joyful life from now on with exercise. Thank you for reading so far and I hope you also enjoy a happy life through your hobbies. Thank you.

I Lost My Close Friend

By Keya Sk

It was March, 1999 when I joined Calcutta University for my Masters. In the very first day of my university, I met a girl named Arpita. She was very nice and friendly. After some days we became good friends. She was a dear to me. We were very happy together. One day she said to me that she lost her mother a year ago. After a couple of months her father married again. Her step mom was not nice to her and used to torture poor Arpita mentally and physically. I felt very bad for her and suggested to her to find a job so that she could come out of the family and live her own. After some time, she found a decent job. We celebrated the day, had lunch and lot of fun.

When she was going to join the job, I was with her. On the way to her new job, a car hit her. She was bleeding badly. I was shouting for help. A few people came and admitted her to the hospital. I was waiting there when the doctor came and, after examination, declared her dead.

I shall never forget the moment and the accident that occurred in front of my eyes which is still a nightmare to me. I shall never forget Arpita and our close time that we spent together. Now everyday I only pray to God for peace of her soul.

I Like Cooking

By Cuicui Ai

Cooking is one part of my daily life and it is my way to enjoy life. It is an exciting process when the raw materials are cooked into delicious dishes under my operation. I often conceive some recipes in my imagination and when it is perfectly cooked, I will be filled with the feeling of success and joy.

In fact, cooking isn’t an easy thing; it contains not only your ability in cooking but also your experience, your emotion, and your creative ideas. I found: the more emotion you cook with, the more wonderful and delicious food you will achieve. (Emotions includes: happiness, a full-hearted feeling and excitement). So I can say: cooking is knowledge and art.

Cooking is also a good way to express my love to my husband, my parents, and to show my hospitality to my friends and my guests. There is a Chinese saying: To catch his stomach, to catch his heart. (Like the English, “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach.)