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Newcomer's Almanac

Sample a Newcomer's Almanac edition here: January 2014 (pdf)

Newsletter For Newcomers To The United States

This 8-page monthly newsletter offers a unique collection of information, advice, and cultural interpretation. It is written by Anne P. Copeland, Ph.D., a clinical family psychologist and founder of The Interchange Institute. Those who have moved to the US for work or personal reasons have found the blend of practical tips and thoughtful analysis of American culture a lifeline during their transition. Individuals, couples, and families have made it a "must read," whether they have just arrived or have been here for several years.

English Practice Worksheet

This 4-page companion to Newcomer's Almanac, gives grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and reading comprehension exercises based on articles in the newsletter. Useful for tutors, classes, and individuals.

"I sit by the mailbox every month, waiting for the next issue of Newcomer's Almanac."
-Swiss reader

The above information is taken from The Interchange Institute's Web page. Please visit their homepage at: http://www.interchangeinstitute.org/index.htm for more information.


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